Original German WWII Heer Jäger Officer M43 Bergmütze Field Cap with Oak Leaf Badge - size 57

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. The German Feldmütze (Field Cap) was originally used in late WWI, and was a variety of unpeaked garrison cap. After the war, it was replaced by a variety of "Ski Cap" that was based on the Bergmütze (Mountain Hat) used by Austrian and German Gebirgsjäger (Mountain Troops) during WWI. Germany had adopted it for Mountain Troops 1915, and after the war it spread throughout the military.

This is an excellent lightly used example of a German Army Jäger Officer Bergmütze (Mountain Cap), which has a very nice Oak Leaves & Acorn Jäger badge on the left side. As this is a Heer (army) cap, this could potentially be for a Gebirgsjäger officer, but is more likely for a Jäger Infantry officer. Both were specialized units for rougher terrain, however the Gebirgsjäger were specifically mountain based units.

The cap is constructed of Heer Feldgrau (Field Gray) wool, and has the correct "fold down" skirt for colder weather. The crown of the cap has silver bullion piping, indicating issue to an officer. It features a two pebbled aluminum buttons button to the front, securing the skirt, and has the correct securing loops on the underside of the fold down flaps. The peak of the cap has a very nice combined Eagle and cockade BEVO insignia on the front.

The interior of cap is a light gray green rayon faux silk fabric, stamped 57 on the top for the size. There is little in the way of staining, so it does not look to have seen much use in the field. The visor is still in great shape, with no cracks or bends to the cardboard stiffener.

Overall condition is close to unissued, with only minor wear to the fabric, and no mothing that we can see. The only real issue is with the bullion around the crown, which is delicate by its very nature, and has started to fray in areas due to handling. It still has a great look, and if treated with care there should be no further damage to it.

A great example of a classic hat worn by German Army Jäger Infantry in WWII, with a fantastic original badge. Very impressive and ready to display!

German Jäger Units -
Jäger (hunter) is a German military term referring to specific light infantry units. In German-speaking states during the early modern era, the term Jäger came to denote light infantrymen whose civilian occupations (mostly hunters and foresters) made them well-suited to patrolling and skirmishing, on an individual and independent basis, rather than as part of a large-scale military unit or traditional line infantry. As a consequence, Jäger was used to describe skirmishers, scouts, sharpshooters and runners.

The German Empire had various different Jäger units, which were disbanded at the conclusion of WWI. The Reichswehr of Weimar Germany did keep their traditions somewhat intact, and during the NSDAP led rearmament preceding WWII, various different Jäger units were reformed, the most famous of which were the Heer Gebirgsjäger Mountain Troopers and Luftwaffe Fallschirmjäger paratroopers. Later in the war, Skijäger Ski Troopers and Jäger Infantry units were raised, as well as some smaller units with more specific purposes, such as "Tank Hunters".

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