Original German WWII Heer Army 1940 dated 58cm EM-NCO Schiffchen M38 Overseas Cap - Removed Soutache

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a very nice lightly worn example of a German WWII Heer Infantry EM-NCO M38 overseas cap (Schiffchen). The overseas cap, nicknamed in German military slang as Schiffchen, or literally "little ship" as it resembled an up-turned row-boat, was standard issue for all branches of the Heer.

This example is constructed of a field gray (feldgrau) wool exterior, with a gray cotton / rayon blend lining. It features a fine machine embroidered eagle, with gray thread on a forest green base, the standard Heer colors during the mid war period. Below this is a machine embroidered bullion National Tri-Color Cockade. There are holes surrounding the cockade which indicate that it at one time had a soutache attached to indicate the corps color, however this is now missing.

The inside of the cap has a faded rectangular stamp on the inside, which is quite faint, but we believe we have transcribed it correctly:

No. 58 1940

This would indicate that it is a size 58 cap made in 1940 in "Lower Saxony", one of the administrative regions of NSDAP Germany.

Condition overall is very good, showing light wear in areas, and some light mothing an wear to the exterior shell. This is limited to the fuzzy "nap" of the fabric for the most part. There is also some tearing to the interior lining around one of the vent rivets.

A very nice M38 overseas cap, ready to add to your collection!

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