Original German WWII German Kriegsmarine Navy Vice Admiral Wool Overcoat with 2nd Model Dagger by WKC

Item Description

Original Items: Only One Available. This is a rather rare and absolutely beautiful, almost unissued German Navy Vice Admiral Overcoat with a fine 2nd model dagger by the legendary WKC Waffenfabrik!

This example is in near mint condition, and is made of a high quality dark Blue wool, with the Cornflower Blue lapels that fold back, only used only by Admirals. Buttons are Gilt with the Anchor and are a solid back, there marked IM FEUER VERGOLDET (Gilt in fire). The shoulder boards are sewn into the sleeves, and are black based with the Gold and Silver twist cord on top for Admirals, same cording used by Generals as well. Featured on the shoulder boards are a single rank pip, identifying the rank as a Vizeadmiral (Vice Admiral). The shoulder boards are held down with screwpost buttons. On the back are more KM gold buttons and the single belt. Liner is a full satin/silk material, almost black in color. The liner is very nice and covers the inside completely, without damage. Inside the left outer pocket are two of the KM dagger hangers with two gilt clips and two straps.

Suspended from the hanger clips is a very beautiful 2nd Model Naval Dagger with Lightning Bolt Scabbard and etched blade by WKC. This is a fine Solingen-Produced totally original WWII German 2nd Model Naval Kriegsmarine Dagger by Weyersberg, Kirschbaum & Co, complete with the original hammered brass scabbard. Additionally, it also has an original portepee tied in the correct Naval style, which are hard to find, especially properly tied.

This example was almost certainly purchased by a high ranking officer early in the wartime period, as the pommel is a 1938 changeover type. It has very deeply inset wings and an impressive vault wreath. The details to this bird are also choice, with a striking eye, beak and breast. The crossguard is the standard type, and has the portepee wrapped around it. The grip is in excellent condition with a bit of age, and a few small surface cracks and staining, but still has a great ivory color. The twisted brass wire wrapping is in very good tight condition. Overall the grip shows some wear on the plating, so this was a dagger that was worn in service.

The portepee itself is in good condition, though it does show wear and a bit of fraying. It definitely has been tied on for some time, as indicated by the oxidation and wear pattern, and is most likely the original purchased with the dagger. The Naval portepee knot is the most complicated of all branches of the German Armed forces. Scabbard locking button is fully functional, and also in great shape.

The blade is an excellent example, and like many, is plated steel. It has some light oxidation and staining, but the edge is still unsharpened, and it has a great look. The etching on both sides is beautiful, retaining 90+% of the frosted backgrounds.

This is truly an incredible set and is likely to not be encountered again anytime soon. Comes ready to display!

Measurements (Overcoat):
Collar to shoulder: 11”
Shoulder to sleeve: 29”
Shoulder to shoulder: 18”
Chest width: 18”
Waist width: 17”
Hip width: 21”
Front length: 54"

Dimensions (Dagger):
Blade Length: 9 3/4"
Overall length: 14 3/4”
Crossguard: 3”
Scabbard Length: 11 1/4”

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