Original German WWII German DAF Labor Front Visor Cap with RZM Tag

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Original Item: Only One Available. This is a very fine example of Luftwaffe M43 Einheitsmütze field-cap, with black piping around the top, indicating use by the AF or Construction Engineer Corps. The M43 Einheitsmütze (Unit Cap) is a variety of "Ski Cap" and was based on the Bergmütze (Mountain Hat) used by Austrian and German Gebirgsjäger (Mountain Troops) during WWI. Germany had adopted it in 1915, and after the war it spread throughout the military.

The skirt that surrounds the cap is made in the same wool as the cap, and can be folded down over the ears, though this was rarely done outside of the Mountain troops, which had a double-thickness skirt. The skirt has a small dip in the front quarter with a divide secured by two small buttons in order to get the skirt around the bill. The small section in the front quarter was built shorter to show the insignia, and cover the wearer's chin or mouth, without disturbing breathing by covering the nose. There were also later M43 caps, such as those used by the DAK, that omitted the skirt entirely, as it had little use in the desert heat.

This example is offered in very nice, slightly used condition. The cap is constructed of fine blue/grey Luftwaffe wool and has no damage or moth that we can see. It does have some light staining on the outside, and under the skirt the original color and texture can be seen. The visor is still in excellent condition, without any bends or breaks. The front has a leather sweatband, which has some wear and discoloration from use. There is an excellent factory applied machine stitched heavily embroidered cap eagle originally attached and BeVo woven cockade (also factory sewn). 

The seam around the cop of the cap has black piping installed, which is the Corps color for the AF engineer corps (Baupioniere) and AF engineer corps (Luftwaffen-Pioniere). Luftwaffe construction units were established in 1939 from Reichsarbeitsdienst units transferred to the Luftwaffe, and reinforced with technically competent older conscripts, later also with prisoners of war and foreign volunteers (Hiwis). The main task was the construction and maintenance of military air bases. In 1944 the bulk of the construction units were transferred to the Organization Todt; those remaining under Luftwaffe control becoming Luftwaffe pioneers.

Offered in near excellent condition, this cap is a wonderful medium size, approximately 58cm. Hard to find much better in today's market.

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