Original German WWII Gebirgsjäger Mountain Trooper M31 Tornister Backpack - RB Number Marked

Item Description

Original Item. Only One Available. This is a very nice service used example of the Large Model 1931 Tornister (Knapsack) Backpack, used by German Army Gebirgsjäger Mountain Troopers. This is the back pack that the later M41 Tornister used by all Wehrmacht forces was based on, in a scaled down form. This pack is quite large, and it needed to be, as the mountain troopers operated away from the main supply lines, and the weather and conditions were far more treacherous, especially related to the temperature.

It is marked with a German Reichsbetriebsnummer (RBNr. or National Business Number) on the back between the shoulder straps:


Condition is very good, especially considering the age. The shoulder straps are complete and intact, and are the type permanently attached to the rings. Both sides are secured to the bottom straps with spring clips. The interior is very nice, with the expected wear from age. All pockets and compartments look to be intact. The various buckles and straps also all look to be present. It even has a field added pocket on the outside for storing a rifle cleaning kit. There is definitely wear and some small tears, as well as some grommets that have come loose, giving it a great field used look.

A very nice and rare example of a Gebirgsjäger Mountain Trooper M31 Tornister Backpack, ready to display!

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