Original German WWII Flak D.F. 10 x 80 Binocular Optics by Emil Busch AG. With Original Transit Case

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Set Available. This is a fantastic German World War Two Doppelfernrohr (double telescope) 10 x 80 German gun sight binoculars, produced by Emil Busch AG. These were used for direction sighting on the German Flak 36 (88 mm) Gun and are offered in very good condition.

Most commonly seen being used by the KRIEGSMARINE (German Navy) on Ship Bridges and on Conning Towers of U-Boats, these are the giant 10 x 80 Binoculars so much favored in WW2. There are adjustments for eye relief, width and a selection of various tinted filters, which rotate into place using the control on the left side. The dial is labeled klar (clear), hell (light), mittel (medium), and dunkel (dark). In a typical example of German WW2 era (over)engineering, the control actually controls a mechanism that swings each individual filter in place on both sides simultaneously. A more modest implementation with filters that were fitted over the eye pieces would have probably been more economical, and less likely to break. The light filters still move correctly.

The Steel Sun Shades are still present and in good condition, and are easily removable if so desired. This set also includes the original padded head rest/shade, which is still soft, with minimal cracking.

The right side of the binocular body is marked:

D.F. 10 X 80
X cxn △

D.F. Is the abbreviation for Doppelfernrohr (double telescope), with 10 x 80 indicating the magnification power of the optics. The German wartime three letter code "cxn" stands for Emil Busch AG of Rathenow, a maker of lenses and optical sights, and under that the set's serial number is given. The colored symbols indicate the type of lubricants used on the set.

This set is fully operational, with clear optics, and fully functional focus and width adjustments. The original wood transit case is in wonderful condition with working latches and handles. Much of the original paint is still present and there is minimal cracking present. The interior still retains the brow pad and handle secured in place and is missing the other components. The box measures approximately 19” x 10” x 11 ¼” and total weight is 37.7 Pounds.

Comes more than ready for further research and display.

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