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Original German WWII First Model DAK Afrikakorps Sun Helmet with Badges & Chinstrap - Size 56

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Set Available. On first deployment to North Africa in 1941, Afrikakorps infantry were issued with the traditional European sun helmet known as Tropische Kopfbedeckung (Tropical headgear), of the type known to the British forces as the solar topi (or topee). In the German case, these were made of pith, had prominent ventilation holes in the crown, were khaki in color and bore two metal shields; on the right the national colors and on the left the German eagle. There were several models made, with the first model like this having cotton outer covering made of fabric panels sewn together.

The pith an fabric construction was lightweight, and permitted ventilation while warding off the sun. Also, it was common for them to be doused in water, as the evaporation effect would cool off the helmet, and therefor the air inside. This however eventually resulted in the helmet becoming soft overall.

This example is in very good condition, showing light wear from service and age. All of the components are present including the often missing leather chinstrap. The original khaki cloth covering is intact and retains its original color, with some water staining and no tearing we can see. The helmet band is great condition, and still hides the liner split pins. The leather trim is in very good condition, with the expected wear from age and use. There is some wear through the finish in areas, and there is a small tear at the rear, which allows the cork interior to be seen.

The interior of the helmet still has the original red cotton covering intact and in great shape, showing very little staining or wear. The liner itself is in very good condition as well, with the leather still very soft and complete, showing just a bit of wear around the edge. The underside of the sweatband is size marked 56, with no other markings.

The metal badges are totally genuine and are in very good condition with a nice finish and oxidized patina. Both the National Colors and Wehrmacht eagle look to be made from zinc, and retain most of the paint on the exterior. They both have three brass prongs for attaching to the helmet, which are all still intact.

A wonderful example that will make a great addition to any German WWII Afrikakorps collection.

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