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Original German WWII Era Prototype Bright Steel Seitengewehr 84/98 Bayonet for 98K Rifles with Scabbard

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Original Item: Only One Available. In 1935 the German military introduced the K98k bolt action rifle or Karabiner 98 Kurz, as a replacement for the older GEW98 or Gewehr 98. A new, shorter bayonet was designed to go along with the shortened rifle. The K98 bayonet was officially named Seitengewehr 84/98 III or SG 84/98 III. The bayonet was designed as a close combat sidearm that could be placed on the tip of a K98.

This design was actually not really "new", but simply a redesign of the M1871/84 bayonet, issued for the Mauser 1871/84 rifle. In 1898, with the introduction of the Gewehr 98 Rifle, the first model Seitengewehr 84/98 was issued, and the Seitengewehr 84/98 II followed during WWI, with some modifications. The Third model, issued for WWII, was almost identical to the Second. The total length of the these bayonets was 15.2 inches, far shorter than the 20 inch long GEW98 bayonet. The blade was also straighter in shape and the hand guard was omitted. 

What we have here conforms entirely to the SG 84/98 II/III conformation, however it lacks the "flash guard" seen on both these examples. The bayonet itself is also completely "In the White", with a bright steel finish, and does not have any external markings on it except for a small letter "o" on the bottom of the blade before the edge. It is in the style typically used to mark WWII bayonets. It has wooden grip panels retained by the standard screws and split washers. There are some numbers and markings stamped onto the tang under the grips, which we have photographed. The included scabbard is a standard blued steel 98K bayonet scabbard, and does not have any markings on it.

This looks to be some type of prototype production bayonet, and we have not been able to find much information about it. It is in excellent condition, with just a bit of staining on the unprotected bright steel finish. The bayonet scabbard is close to mint. Very interesting, and ready to add to your bayonet collection!

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