Original German WWII Era Combination Vehicle Clock and Fuel Gauge for DKW F8 Automobile

Item Description

Original Items: Only One Available. DKW was one of the four companies in Germany that in 1932 joined together to become Auto Union AG, the predecessor of the current Audi company. While they were in essence one company, as with U.S. Auto companies, they kept the various brands and product lines separate.

This is a very nice combination Vehicle Clock and Fuel Gauge, which we believe was taken from a DKW F8 Automobile, which were in production from 1939–1942 during the WWII Era. We have researched various vehicles made by DKW during the WWII period, and unfortunately the color and type of gauges used varied considerably, so we cannot say that it is definitively from an F8. DKW ceased to be at the end of WWII, after which the Saxony area became part of East Germany, so this is definitely a WWII era item.

The clock is a standard 12 hour type, wound and adjusted with a flexible extension that hangs off the bottom, which probably protruded from the bottom of the dashboard. Unfortunately at present the clock winds, but does not run, and all that can be done is adjusting the position of the hands. The DKW logo is displayed on the central portion under the hands, and at the top is the KRAFTSTOFF (fuel) gauge, which is attached to a chain that comes out the back of the housing. Pulling the chain still moves the pointer, so it is definitely functional. It was most likely attached to a float in the tank via a lever or other linkage.

Very interesting and a great display piece!

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