Original German WWII EM/NCO Luftwaffe Belt with Pebbled Aluminum Buckle by Brüder Schneider

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a very nice WWII German Wehrmacht Luftwaffe EM/NCO's Belt Buckle (Koppelschloß) with correct leather belt. It is embossed with the wartime Luftwaffe straight tail eagle. Nice aluminum construction box buckle with a pebbled background. The buckle is in very good condition, with all the pebbling in good condition, and much of the detail in the eagle present. There is a very faint BSW mark in a clover, the trademark for Brüder Schneider of Wien (Vienna), a well known WWII era maker of buckles and badges.

The belt itself measures about 35 1/2” when fully extended, and is in very good lightly used condition. There is a size marking of 90 on the buckle end, for 90cm (35.4in), and this is the late war simplified belt type, without the length adjustment tab. Instead the claw goes directly through the main body of the belt. There is a German RBNr. marking on the clip end of the buckle: 0/0564/0005.

Overall a very nice example of a hard to find WWII German Belt and buckle, ready to display!

The Luftwaffe, the air force of the German military during the Third Reich, was established in 1935. Over the next 10 years, Luftwaffe troops wore a huge variety of uniforms. Enlisted men generally wore uniforms issued from military depots. Most enlisted soldiers had wool trousers and a short jacket with two internal lower pockets, called a Fliegerbluse, as well as a dressier 4-pocket tunic, the Tuchrock. Officers wore the same general uniform styles, but as officers had to supply their own uniforms, they usually wore tailor made versions. There were also myriad varieties of specialized uniforms worn by certain units or in specific situations, from the tuxedo-style “gala” formal wear uniform of the pre-war period, to the plain coveralls worn by crews of anti-aircraft cannons. There were work uniforms, tropical and summer uniforms, and camouflage clothing for airborne troops and other Luftwaffe soldiers in ground combat. Flight crews had their own specialized gear, including leather jackets and warm, electrically heated suits. Most but not all Luftwaffe uniform jackets bore the Luftwaffe emblem of a flying eagle holding a swas.

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