Original German WWII Eastern Front Russian Defector Air Dropped Security Pass Leaflet

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Original Item: Only One Available. This is a rare example of a German WWII Passierschein Flugblatt Ostfront Russland (Russian Eastern Front Passport Leaflet), in very good condition. These 5 1/2" x 3 1/2" leaflets were used during the 1941-1942 period on the eastern front, and were air-dropped over the Russian positions, intended to cause Soviet Soldiers to defect to the German cause. The bottom of the pass reads Dieser Passierschein gilt für Offiziere, Polit-Arbeiter und Mannschaften der Sowjetarmmee - "This pass is valid for officers, political workers and men in the Soviet Army". The defectors would present this to Germans, and would be allowed to surrender.

The rest of the writing is in Russian Cyrillic, and the front side translates to:

Soldier, Commander,
Political Officer!

Bolsheviks (Communists) put you into collective farms (kolkhoz). They took your land! They ordered you to work on their land. They sent you into Siberian prisons and shot millions of farmers! Now they ordered you to spend your blood at the front to protect their collective farms.

Put your bayonets into the ground! Stop fighting! We need to build a new Russia. In the new Russia each farmer will have their own land. You will be the owner of the land!

The other side reads:


Red Army enlisted men or commanders who have this pass can go across the front line to German positions. This pass can be used by unlimited numbers of soldiers.

The German Armed Forces do not tell the names of the prisoners to protect their relatives.

This pass works until the end of the war.

Also you can go across the front line without this pass. You need to put your hands up and say "Bayonets in the ground" or "Stalin caput".

This example is in good shape, with the expected degradation due to age. These were printed on early paper, which turns color over time.

Quite rare and ready to display!

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