Original German WWII Early War Bullion Embroidered Panzer Officer Breast Eagle Insignia

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Original Items: Only One Set Available. The term panzer division (German: Panzerdivision) as commonly used in English language refers almost exclusively to the armored (tank) division in the army branch of the Wehrmacht and of NSDAP Germany during World War II. The panzer divisions were the key element of German success in the Blitzkrieg operations of the early years of the war. Later the Waffen-SS formed panzer divisions, and even the Luftwaffe fielded a panzer division, the Herman Goring Division. The term Panzerdivision is still used in today's Heer of the Bundeswehr (for example 1. Panzerdivision). In German speaking countries the term is not immediately associated with the Wehrmacht as it is in English speaking nations, as the word simply means 'armored division' and has no additional connotation.

A panzer division was a combined arms formation, having both tanks (German Panzerkampfwagen, "armored fighting vehicle", usually shortened to "Panzer") and infantry as organic components, along with artillery, anti-aircraft, signals, etc. However, the proportions of the components of a panzer division changed over time.

This is a very good condition early WWII German Panzer Officer's Breast Eagle Insignia, made of a black felt background with hand embroidered silver bullion thread, held together with some standard silver thread, as originally produced. There is a mesh backing glued on to stabilize the embroidery. We can see a row of holes around the entire permeter, so it was installed on a uniform at one time, however it is still in great shape. There is some oxidation and plating loss on the bullion, but it still presents very nicely.

Ready to be a part of your German WWII insignia collection!

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