Original German WWII Early Luftwaffe Officer Sword with USGI Bring Back Certificate

Item Description

Original Items: Only One Set Available. This is a genuine USGI bring back sword complete with Bring Back Certificate dated 14th February 1946. Made out to TORONTO, S. and refer to this item as 1 German Air Force Sword and signed by GEORGE ROSS and official stamped HEADQUARTERS UNITED STATES FORCES EUROPEAN THEATRE.

This is a fine sword made by the renowned F.A. Helibig. This sword is equipped with solid nickel hilt mounts which are still in good condition. Some silvering remains within the swas legs in places on the sun wheels. The two pommel rims are still crisp with signs of wear. The sunwheels are the medallion style in nickel. These sun wheels really leap out to the admiring eye.

The cross guard arms are nicely tapered and are in a tripartite design with fine feathering in a gold tone. The grip is a wood base covered in blue Moroccan leather. It is solid throughout with no unraveling. There are some moderate wear spots. Scabbard is in good condition with light chips on the body. Drag ball has no dings or dents.

The original crescent hanger is still in place, having excellent leather construction throughout and a matching nickel box clip at the top.

The blade of this sword is very nice. It is bright and has a quality nickel finish. This blade has an E. & A. Helbig at the top and in the middle of the logo/name is Gagller in script and at bottom is Steinbac. The matching leather blade washer is in place.

The blade is 26 1/2" long. Overall length from bottom to top is 33 1/2". When in the scabbard it is 35" in length.

A very nice early Luftwaffe sword that has passed the test of time with flying colors.

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