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Original German WWII Early Luftwaffe Officer Sword by Eickhorn with USGI Bring Back Certificate

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Original Items: Only One Set Available. This is a genuine USGI bring back sword complete, with Bring Back Certificate dated November 21,1945. The form is made out to Pfc. Zigmund S. Kolecki and refers to this item as Sword. It is signed by John B. Gordon who looks to have been a lieutenant in the 773rd Field Artillery Battalion, which was a tank destroyer unit in the European Theater of WWII.  It is stamped HEADQUARTERS UNITED STATES FORCES EUROPEAN THEATRE.

This is a fine sword made by the renowned firm Carl Eickhorn of Solingen, the legendary "City of Blades" in western Germany, and bears the ORIGINAL EICKHORN 1935-1941 pattern Squirrel logo etched into the blade near the hilt. The 26" blade still has its high quality mirror finish nickel plating on most of the blade. There are no chips or nicks in the edge on the blade, and only runner wear and some small areas of plate lifting prevent this blade from being mint. Truly an excellent example of an early WWII production blade from a legendary maker.

The fittings of this sword have not been cleaned since the war and have a complete black patination throughout the silver plated surfaces. The pommel still has good, crisp edges and the oak leaves on the sides are in excellent condition, and appear to have gilt remaining on their surfaces. There is no gilding remaining on the sun-wheel swastika on the pommel, but it may not have had it originally, and has a dark patina.  The cross guard sun wheels also do not appear to have been gilt. The cross guard arms are the downward sloping type being in three tiers and carved with lines to simulate feathering. These quillon arms still have good, crisp edges.

The grip is a fine blue Moroccan leather covered carved wood base. This leather is in good condition throughout and still has its original graining in the surfaces. The grip is wrapped with silver plated coiled wire.

The leather-covered metal scabbard of this example is also straight throughout. It has some signs of being carried with some dents in the leather on the inner side. There are also some chips in the leather on the upper front of the scabbard. The scabbard is equipped with upper and lower matching darkly patinated mounts. These mounts are in fine condition and are retained by headless, flush mount screws which are all in place. The original matching leather crescent hanger is also in place with no signs of rot. This crescent hanger is equipped with a closed matching nickel box clip.

An excellent USGI Bring-back Luftwaffe sword by a legendary maker, that has passed the test of time with flying colors.

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