Original German WWII Early HJ Knife Belt with Solid Nickel Buckle by F. W. Assmann & Söhne

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a very nice WWII Early Pattern German HJ solid nickel Belt Buckle (Koppelschloß). It is embossed on the top of the wreath with the HJ motto Blut und Ehre (Blood and Honor), over a State Eagle clutching the HJ diamond Emblem. The buckle body is solid bent nickel alloy, only seen on the early issue buckles, and is in great shape, with minimal oxidation. The attachment claw is aluminized steel, and does have some light oxidation.

The buckle is marked on the back with the "barred A" trademark logo of  F. W. Assmann & Söhne of Lüdenscheid, a large maker of belts, buttons, and other accoutrements. Next to this is GES. GESCH., for Gesetzlich Geschützt (Protected By Law), indicating that the buckle was a trademarked design. There are also the company initials A. & S. as well.

The included black leather is unlike most we have seen, and looks to have been custom made for this buckle. It does not have any size adjustment tab, and the belt buckle claw attaches directly to the belt. With an overall length of 45 inches, it is quite large indeed. It is currently set up for around a size 40, and the clip on the other end is handmade from bent steel.

A very good example of an early pattern HJ Knife Belt Buckle with a custom made belt, ready to display!

AH believed German youth to be the future of his 3rd Reich. The HJ (AH Jugend) was formed officially in 1935, and with the exception of NSDAP ideology indoctrination was very similar to the Boy Scouts. Beginning at about the age of ten years, both boys (AH Jugend) and girls (Bund Deutscher Mädel) were enlisted in the Party-run organization. The boys only were given HJ Knives after having passed minor exams. The knives had nickeled hilts with black checkered grip plates. The obverse plate was fitted with an enameled HJ swas insignia. Through 1937, these knives were etched with the motto of the organization, Blut und Ehre! (Blood and Honor!). Examples produced after this date were made with plain blades usually bearing an RZM marking.

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