Original German WWII Decorated Brown Leather High Front 7.65mm Holster - USGI Bring Back

Item Description

Original Items: Only One Available. USGI bring back captured items really are a varied lot. Some are just as they were when obtained, however some, such as this one, were transformed into very nice collector's pieces, perfect for the USGI to use to remember his time overseas.

This wonderful brown Leather flap top holster is the typical medium-large size "high-front" design, with a "break-away" flap to make it easier to access the pistol. It features a spare magazine compartment to the front, and his is the style issued for the many 7.65mm pocket pistols used by officers. This would include the Walther PP, FN Browning 1922, and other larger frame examples.

The holster is in very nice condition, with the expected wear and deterioration from age. It has been decorated with a lovely assortment of insignia, which look to be mostly German WWII, with possibly some Imperial German items. The top flap has a standard Visor Cap German WWII Reichsadler (National Eagle) pin, with two Medical Service "caduceus" pins on the ends of the flap. To the left is a nice U.S. collar pin, and on the right is a German Kockarde (cockade), which could be Imperial, Weimar, or WWII Period. The magazine pouch has two shoulderboard "pips", and below this is the Prussian Imperial Crown.

The USGI who brought this back may have spent some time post war, which allowed him to pick up these items, which makes this almost like a "hate" or "gravedigger" holster. Very interesting and ready to display!

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