Original German WWII Danish 8mm Madsen Display Machine Gun with Tripod Mount

Item Description

Original Item: Very Few Available. These are fantastic ATF approved non-firing Madsen display Light Machine Guns LMG assembled onto re-welded non-operational receiver with 3+ inches of new made solid bar stock. Each features original wartime produced parts which were manufactured in Denmark and extensively used by Germany during WW2 after the invasion of Scandinavia. They come complete with bipod, wood butt stock, and detachable magazine. These display guns still have operational hammers and trigger assemblies so the weapon can be cocked using the charging lever and dry fired. In 8mm (German) this became a very reliable weapon for the Third Reich in WW2.

The Mount: Very few of these remain in stock. Some mounts show markings and all are in good condition. The one pictured is considered to be in Very Good/Excellent condition. These Madsen tripods have a particularly important place in the history of machine guns; the Madsen tripod was the FIRST machine gun tripod to incorporate SOFT RECOIL. This feature greatly reduced or eliminated the effect of the gun's recoil on accuracy. The soft recoil feature allowed the gun to recoil straight back against a spring, which then returned the gun to its original position. THIS FEATURE WAS COPIED BY THE GERMANS IN WORLD WAR II IN THEIR MG 34 AND MG 42 "LAFETTE" TRIPODS. The Madsen tripod was the FIRST to incorporate this feature, and thus has a very important place in the history of German tripod development.

Note: Remote triggers are no longer available for these, as many were removed in arsenal.

Functional magazine will be included where permissible, otherwise the spring and follower are removed for areas where high capacity magazines are prohibited.

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