Original German WWII Carl Zeiss Jena 12 x Stereo Binocular Rangefinder 1.25m with Transit Chest

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available.

This is a pristine example of a rare and impressive optical instrument made just before the Second World War. It is a Type 68 Entfernungsmesser or Rangefinder of 12x magnification with a 1.25 meter base length. It was designed to accurately assess the distance of enemy forces from the observer.

Come complete in the original steel transit chest measuring:- 61" x 10" x 10".

Manufactured by CARL ZIESS of JENA and well marked all over with use instructions in German (not Finnish as many rangefinders are found on the collectors market).

The Rangefinder itself is beautifully painted in the original camouflage colors and measures 59 inches in overall length, the measurement from lens center to lens center is 125 cms (1.25 Metres).

The steel transit chest includes the 4" long lens shades and the ranging bar with detachable legs. The diameter of the optics tube is 4" at the narrowest point with leather pads on either end. The transit chest, although somewhat rust stained on the exterior, is very sturdy and high quality with an elaborate locking system ensuring the instrument would be fully protected when not in use. There is no tripod mount included.

This is a fine example of German early WW2 workmanship offered in near excellent condition.

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