Original German WWII Carl Zeiss (blc) 10x50 Dienstglas Binoculars with Leather Case dated 1939

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. The 10 x 50 Dienstglas was one of the most used German issued binoculars of WWII. These are fully functional with clear optics and made by one of the very best makers at the time (still in business today!). They are nicely marked as follows:

blc +

The maker code is for the famous Carl Zeiss, Militärabteilung Jena and comes complete with original black leather carry strap. Both diopter adjustments operate smoothly and there are no chips or dings on the eye cups. There is wear to the textured coating, mostly on the right side, indicating that the soldier probably held it one-handed. The optics are in excellent condition and clear. Original leather neck strap is included, and is in great shape, still soft with most of the finish remaining.

Also included is the excellent black leather carry case with working spring loaded closure strap. The case is in excellent condition, with an intact leather carry strap, though the finish on the strap is mostly missing. The case is dated, maker marked, and waffenampt proofed on the lip of the lower portion: 1939 CARL BORG / RATHENOW  WaA189, though we are not certain on the inspector number.

Of particular note is that these appear to have regimental markings on the top of the case:  12 / 4  FL.10.D.23. We have unfortunately been unable to identify what unit these binoculars were issued to.

This is overall an excellent example of the classic eye piece for German infantry officers during WW2!

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