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Original German WWII Captured National Flag Signed by U.S. 299th Combat Engineer Battalion

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Original Item: One-of-a-kind. This National Flag of Germany from WW2 signed by members of the 299th Combat Engineer Battalion. The 299th fought on D-Day landing on Omahah beach and didn't stop until they reached Germany in April 1945. They are among the most storied regiments of WWII. Here is a list of their locations throughout the war:

2 April 1944....................Arrived at Camp Kilmer, New Jersey.

4 April 1944...................Departed Camp Kilmer, New Jersey by train for New York Port of Embarkation (SS Exchequer).

6 April 1944...................Sailed from New York aboard the SS Exchequer.

16 April 1944.................Arrived in Cardiff, Wales.

18 April 1944.................Debarked the SS Exchequer en route to Ilfracombe.  (Braunton Hut Camp, First Army.)

16 May 1944..................Battalion departs Braunton Hut Camp in two echelons - the rear echelon to Painswick Park Camp, the forward echelon to Camp D-6 near Dorchester.

1 June 1944...................Forward echelon moved out of Camp D-6 to the Port of Weymouth.

6 June 1944...................D-Day 0633 - Eight assault teams of the 299th Engineer Battalion Omaha Beach (Easy Red, Fox Green and Fox Red) - Company B landed on Utah Beach.

10 June 1944..................Roadmarch from Normandy beach to La Vallee, France.

17 June 1944..................Roadmarch from La Vallee to Carentan, France.

30 June 1944..................The rear echelon moved from Painswick Manor to Camp 12 near Dorchester.  The forward echelon moved to Orglandes, France.

2 July 1944......................The rear echelon moved to Portland Harbor and waited on LST
3 July 1944......................Rear echelon arrived at Normandy and convoyed to the assembly area.  The battalion was together again.

16 July 1944 - 17 August 1944............ with the Normandy campaign ended the battalion moved through France, and stopped at St. Martin le Tallevend near Vire, France.

14 September 1944............The 299th Engineer Combat Battalion crossed the Franco-Belgian border and continued northeastward thru Charleroi and Namur, to St. Trond, Belgium.

6 February 1945..................The 299th Engineer Combat Battalion moved under the cover of darkness and secret orders to Lictenbusch, Germany. Lictenbusch was a small village just inside the German border and in the first defense of the Ziegfried line.

11 February 1945 - 14 March 1945..... The battalion moved through Zweifall, Hurtgen Forest, Enskirchen and ended up in the vicinity of the Remagen Bridge.

30 March 1945 - 11 June 1945............ The battalion continued to move through Germany and came to its final stopping place - Nurnberg.

This wool high quality constructed flag measures 45 x 30 inches and is signed as follows:

Fighting 299th, 1943-1945, CBI Bound
England, France, Luxembourg, Czechoslovakia, Belgium, Austria, Germany

B. Harris – Watertown, Mass
R. Metzlefeld – Wisconsin
Doc Green – Shrewsbury, Mass
P. Beautificato – W. Haven, Conn
R. McDougal – Chicago, Ill
Raulerson – Fl.
M. King – Glouster, Mass
S. Doucette – Essex, Mass
W. Brod – Chief Falls, Mass
E. McCully – Little Rock, Ark
J. Connors – Watertown, Mass
P. Drison – Calif
A. Sullivan – Boston, Mass
Schroder – Wyoming
Cummings – Okla
Hinekley – Glouster, Mass
Newton – Texas
Drummond Leffingwell – Fairfield, Conn
Jones – Ohio
McFadden – Ark.
Katzen – Washington, DC
Merko – Conn.
Mercik –Chicopee, Mass
McAvoy – Mass
Powden – Ill
Andry – Ohio
Derosa – Conn
Lt. Conley - PA
Dearuda – RI
Muise – Mass
Lt. Garner – Cal
Mr. Crosby – Conn.
Ishakanian – Watertown, Mass
Moscript – Fla
Jacomo – RI
Desard – NY
Sandor – Conn
Lt. Buschel – Wisc
Lt. Hertzner – Ind.
Lt. Langley - Texas
Corson - PA
Gasper  –  Conn
Anastrasiades – Mass
Beroni – Mass
Losicki – Ind
Capt Aulick – Oklahoma
Lt. Knowles - PA
Jeffery - Mass
Sabounjian – Watertown, Mass
Slachetka - Chicopee, Mass
Demillio  – Mass
Kazanos – NH
Tardiff – Chicopee, Mass
Armstrong – Washington, DC
Parker – Vermont
H. Blakeley – Athol, Mass
F Sladovich – NJ
J. DeVtio – Hartford, Conn
L. Babineau – Aldenville, Mass
P. Dalton – Brookline, Mass
J. Larson – Glouster, Mass
R. Hildonen – Glouster, Mass
E. Taylor – Hartford, Conn
C. Adams – Pasadena, Calif
F. Borge – Glouster, Mass
S. Cryan – Chicopee, Mass
D. Muden – Hartford, Conn
Parker – Vermont
B Klusik – Stamford, Conn
R. Floody – Providence, RI
S. White – RI
J. McDonald – Watertown, Mass
I. Connoly – Me
D. Lane – Glouster, Mass
D. Hardacre – Akron, Ohio
D. Allers – S. Dakota
E. Hoffman – M. Minn
A. Taylor – Portland, ME
J. Allen – Bronx, NY
Italo Torraco – Watertown, Mass.
L. Guimond – Fall River, Mass
M. Chaffer – Rochester, NY
J. Lewis – Hartford, Conn.
J. Dwyer – St. Louis, MO
R. Gibson – Chicopee, Mass.
R. Chapek – Cleveland, OH
R. Paull – Cleveland, OH
Z. Maylak – Bridgeport, Conn
A. Bouthillier – W. Warwick, RI
E.J. King – Providence, RI
G. Rollins – Orlando, Fla
F. Brown – Fairfield, Conn.
Fred Spandoni – New Haven, Conn.
S. Maziarz – Chicopee, Mass
F. Olbrych – Chicopee, Mass
H. Bray – Atlanta, Georgia
E. Garbin – Brooklyn, NY
F. Kosinski – Chicopee, Mass
R. McIntyre – Boston Mass.
L. Ryan – Chicago, Ill
R. Hmura – Schrewsbury, Mass
W. Heckler – Philadelphia, PA
W. Yaskiewicz – Bridgeport, Conn
Chavez – Kansas
J. Balicki – Westfield, Mass
D. Blacussi – NY
G. Chicabougian – Watertown Mass
J. Vedeski – Conn
G. Rauthier, Dorchester, Mass
M. Camerucci – Michigan
A. Vance – Davenport, Iowa
Fillias  - Glouster, Mass
E. Cogan – Omaha, NE
H. Eoridikian – Watertown, Mass
S. Stokowski – Norwich, Conn
Knight – Indiana
B. Robinson – Watertown, Mass
Chapman – Warwick, RI
H. Kevarkian – Jamaica Plains, Mass
C. Robinson – NY
Carpenter – PS
Keegan – RI
Boyle – Providence, RI
Preston – Conn
Shadeed – Conn
St. Jean – RI
Bergeron – Chicopee, Mass
Noch – Conn
Bilek – Tal
Boutchie – Mass
Montgomery – RI
Fontana – RI
Smith – Texas
Wellington – NH
McNeary – Ind.
Fulkerson – Ill
Fontaine – NH
Ahonen – Mass
Klopotic – Mich
Pikula – Chicopee, Mass
Gincastro – RI
Reny – ME
Sarata – Ill
Murray – Chicopee, Mass
Lappiere - Chicopee, Mass
Nesbit – Ohio
Perry – Mass
Bourin – Ohio
Carl – California
Frick – Ohio
Sandor – Conn
Cheek – Ark.

Marsubian * - Mass
O’Callahan * - Mass
Ciama * - M


With some quick investigating have been able to successfully research the following soldiers: here , . The others either have names that are too common for us to pinpoint without more hours of research, we aren't sure of the spelling or we would need to visit the National Archives for a larger database.

This is a wonderful USGI bring back from a known regiment who saw action in occupied Europe and Germany to the end of World War Two.

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