Original German WWII Blockade Runner Badge by Schwerin of Berlin

Item Description

Original Items: Only One Available. This is a textbook example of a fine quality Blockade Runner badge (Blockadebrecherabzeichen); in circular patinated and silvered tombac; the obverse with a large ship breaking through waves with a large eagle clutching a swas (hook cross) on its stern, surrounded by a border of silvered chains being broken by the ship near the bottom; the reverse plain, with a vertical banjo style pinback with a barrel hinge and a flat wire catch (catch is partially missing); maker marked Schwerin, Berlin and marked by the designer Otto Placzek, Berlin on the reverse; measuring 1.92 inches (48.8 mm). Offered in very good to fine condition.

The Blockade Runner Badge or the Badge for Blockade Runners (German: Abzeichen für Blockadebrecher) was a World War II German military decoration awarded for service on warships or merchant vessels that attempted to break through the British sea blockade of Germany. It was instituted on 1 April 1941 upon the order of AH and first awarded on 1 July of the same year to Hugo Olendorff.

The badge was designed by Otto Placzeck in Berlin. It was in either tombac or zinc and featured a ship with a large German eagle grasping a swas (hook cross) on its bow. Around the circumference of the badge is a chain, through which the ship is cutting through. The eagle was silvered whilst the rest of the badge was a dark gray color.

The badge was worn on the left breast pocket of the uniform. A smaller half-size version was awarded for use by civilians and members of the merchant marine.

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