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Original German WWII Black Leather Map Case Notebook for Civic Fire Protection Police

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. Map cases were issued on a limited basis to specifically designated personnel such as unit commanders, pilots, and observers. They were also used as clipboards, notebooks, and the like for all manner of Military and Civic personnel. This included the Feuerschutzpolizei (Fire Protection Police) and similar organizations.

This example is made of black smooth leather, and is in very good used condition. It is a later war pattern, without the pebble grain finished used on early war versions. It features a fold-over top flap with a press securing latch. It measures approximately 8"W x 11"H X 1".

The inside of the top flap is marked with the following information, partially in German Blackletter Typeface:

Der Kommandeur des Bemmandestabes
der Feuerschutzpolizei-Ablteilungen (mot)
Leipzig - Wiederitzch

The top two lines roughly translate to "The commander of the fire brigade police department". This indicates it was for Fire Protection Police use, and was issued to the Leipzig - Wiederitzch area.

The interior has various pockets for a ruler, pencils, and various other map accessories. The case folds open, showing two celluloid compartments with a red grid pattern, which would be used to store and view maps. The celluloid would be written on with oil pencil for plotting, which could then be erased. There is a black felt cover on the left side, which prevented the celluloid from sticking together and markings being transferred when the case was closed.

The rear has two vertical belt loops, over a large pocket, inside of which is a very nice leather and thick plastic map holder. These are almost always missing from the map cases, so this is a great chance to find one that still has a very nice example.

Condition is very nice, with a lovely worn look to the leather. There are unfortunately no maps in this case, but there is a small notebook, as well as loose paper contained inside. There are also some small pieces of paper in a pocket under the top flap, and some writing, which we have not translated.

A very nice piece of genuine German WWII field gear, ready to research and display!

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