Original German WWII Army Heer Named Signals EM & NCO Visor Cap by G. Lapf - Size 57

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Original Item: Only One Available. This cap is a very example of a German WWII Wehrmacht Heer Army EM & NCO visor cap, named to a specific soldier. It features the typical field gray worsted wool construction with a forest green band and a traditional high forward crown. The also has matching Zitronengelb (Lemon Yellow) piping along the top edge and flanking either side of the band, the Corps Color (Waffenfarbe) for Signals used after 1936.

It is decorated with a well detailed silvered aluminum eagle insignia on the peak and and an open silvered aluminum wreath surrounding a tri-color cockade on the band. The dual-buckled black leather chinstrap, designating the wearer to be an enlisted man, is attached to black lacquered buttons on either side. The vulcanfibre visor has a smooth black leather-look upper, exhibiting wear along the edge and is beige on the underside. The brown leather sweatband is in good supple condition and is embossed with DEUTSCHE LEDER (German Leather) on the left side.

The inside of the cap is lined with tan sheer fabric. The top celluloid plastic shield is still present, but it has cracked and some of the stitching is missing. The makers name and address is listed under the remains of the diamond:


G. Lapf
Köln.-Str. 12

The maker is G. Lapf of Kassel, in Hesse, Germany. The rest of the label translates to "German Workmanship" and "Special Class", terms used very often on high end items to denote quality. More importantly, there is a small paper tag with the owner's name and regiment marked that has been inserted into the shield, however we are not able to fully read it. We leave that as a research project for the collector.

Condition is very good, with the main issue being deterioration of the the stitching, which over the years shrinks and degrades. There is a bit of moth on the rear piping, but otherwise there is very little damage or wear of any kind. The sweatband does show staining on the front, where it would be in direct contact with the forehead. As with most visor caps of this age, a lot of the stitching is very delicate, and a good amount has deteriorated, so the cap should be handled with care.

A very nice example of a classic hat worn by German Army Signals NCOs in WWII.

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