Original German WWII Army Heer EM/NCO RBNr. Marked Belt with Pebbled Aluminum Buckle by Dransfeld & Co. - dated 1936

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a very nice WWII German Wehrmacht (Heer) Aluminum EM/NCO's Belt Buckle (Koppelschloß) with an original black finished leather belt. The buckle is embossed with the Heer motto GOTT MIT UNS ("God (is) with us") around the Wehrmacht Reichsadler (State Eagle). Nice aluminum construction box buckle with a pebbled background. The buckle is in good condition, and is a single piece injection molded and crimped example. It does show some surface wear, common due to the softer aluminum alloy.

This buckle was originally entirely painted standard Heer gray, and while this is almost completely gone on the front, the rear still still shows a good amount. There is no maker mark on the back, however it still retains the Pre-1941 leather tab, which has a clear maker marking inside a double oval:


The leather belt is in very good condition, and measures about 37.5” when fully extended. It is also marked 95 on the buckle end, for 95cm (37.4in), and doesn't seem to have stretched much over the years. It is the later type that does not have a separate leather tab for length adjustment, and the double row of holes is made through the body of the belt itself. There are no name or regiment markings, but it is RBNr. marked 0/0836/0029 on the tab by the attachment hook.

Overall condition is very good with an exception eye appeal and patina! Ready to display!

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