Original German WWII AH Formal Pattern .800 Silver Teaspoon

Item Description

Original Item: Only One available. Silver, flatware and serving pieces were specifically made for the residences of Adolf. The "AH" silverware mostly seen by collectors today was made by the Bruckmann firm of Heilbronn. There are other patterns produced by other companies, but they are much rarer and do not seem as collectible. The Bruckmann flatware was produced in two pattern types.

The most prevalent, and most desirable because of its detail, is the so-called "Formal" pattern. This pattern displays a detailed, raised-out, closed-winged Party eagle with swas, and has the Führer's monogram, "A" and "H" positioned to the left and right respectively on each side of the wreath. Additionally the handle is bordered with an attractive design known as "Greek Key".

The so-called "Informal" pattern contains the eagle and monogram only, and the stylized eagle design is depicted, with little detail. These pieces are so simply designed they almost convey a look of substantial wear on the surfaces of the bird. This pattern, however, seems to be much rarer. It is not known why the "Informal" pattern was produced, but it is thought to have been possibly used as a "Luncheon" pattern, and only at one of the larger residences, perhaps at the Chancellery.

It is generally believed there were approximately 3,000 pieces of the "Formal" pattern produced, and only about 1000 pieces of the "Informal". Obviously serving pieces such as an asparagus fork or sugar tongs would have been produced in far less quantity than standard forks, knives and spoons. Either pattern is hallmarked in the identical manner, and the marks appear stamped in line, being a crescent, a crown, "800" for .800 silver content, and a Prussian eagle. Serving trays and larger serving utensils are not usually silver, but are normally silvered plate. These pieces generally were produced by the Wellner firm, and are stamped with a "W", and usually a silver plating content number.

This lovely Teaspoon is a classic example of the "Formal" pattern, fully conforming to the pattern with respect to markings and decoration. It has the correct "Greek Key" border, the detailed eagle between A H, and the correct hallmark on the back, for .800 silver. It measures 14.5cm (5.71in.) long, and is 30mm (1.18in.) across at the widest point of the spoon. The condition is very good, and it looks to have been stored well, as there is some light tarnish, but no signs of heavy polishing.

These are extremely rare, and this is only the sixth piece of Adolf AH silverware that we have ever had. Ready to display!

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