Original German WWII Afrikakorps Coconut Canteen by Heinrich Ritter with M31 Breadbag

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Set Available. This is a very nice original German Deutsches Afrikakorps (DAK) laminated wood canteen (Tropen Feldflasche), complete with a nice Model 31 Brotbeutel (Bread bag). These items were acquired as a set from a collector, who told us they were purchased as a set from the family of a WWII Veteran. We do not know however whether they were captured and brought back, or purchased on the market.

This type of canteen is often referred to as the "coconut" canteen, due to its unusual appearance. These are constructed of pressed laminated wood over an aluminum body, sometimes secured by rayon straps.

The compressed wood laminate is in very good condition, with no major cracks or defects. Comes complete with the original DAK color cotton web carrying harness and its leather strap around the neck, which are both in very good condition. The rear steel belt attachment buckle on the harness is painted in gray and is maker marked Patent / Ritter, while the front strap buckle is marked DRP. ang / HRE 42. Canteen features the correct aluminum core and an original aluminum cap, which still has the correct  rubber seal. The back of the canteen is clearly marked:

H.R.E. 42
D.R.P. angm.

The maker markings on the canteen and strap indicates manufacture by Heinrich Ritter of Esslingen in 1942. The other markings indicate that it is a registered design with the German trademark office. The bakelite cap just has a mold marking, which we cannot decipher, but we believe it is original to the set. The included cap is also of bakelite, with a similar mold marking. Condition overall is very good, showing light use. The cotton web is in good shape with no fraying, and all the buckles are intact and work. 

The included M31 Breadbag is also in good shape, though it definitely shows some wear and field modifications. It has what looks to be a gas mask neck strap attached to the shoulder strap loops, and it sewn from three pieces. The original belt straps on the top were cut off at sometime, and one of the securing loops for those has pulled out of the leather. It also shows the usual wear from service. Please consult the pictures for further details.

This is a very nice German WWII Field gear set showing honest wear. This would make a fine addition to any collection.

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