Original German WWII Afrika Korps M43 Tropical Tunic with EKI Ribbon & Faded Markings

Item Description

Original Item: One-of-a-kind. In early 1941, the German military began their conquest of southern Europe. Due to the warmer climates of these areas, the German Army needed to equip its troops with a more suitable form of dress, and replace the standard wool based feldgrau uniforms. The new "tropical" uniforms were lighter in weight, and dyed in colors ranging from light tan to dark olive.

This 100% authentic German World War Two M43 Heer Tropical Tunic is in very good lightly used condition. The tunic is made out of lightweight cotton Twill weave material which has been dyed a darker olive/tan. The tunic does not have a breast eagle applied, however we can see faint stitch marks over the upper right pocket indicating that it did have one installed at one point.

This very nice uniform has the correct Afrikakorps BeVo machine embroidered litzen on each side of the collar opening, which are gray with yellow gold stripes. This style was introduced for all branches in 1938, indicating service in North Africa. The tunic does not have any installed shoulder insignia, but does have the correct loops and buttons to attach them.

The front of the tunic has five original buttons for the main closure, and four pocket buttons, all of which were originally a nice green color. They now have lost the original finish to a varying degree, and some may have been field replaced. All buttons are held in place with circular retainers, except for the lowest front button, which has a broken one. There is oxidation on many of the retainers, so they have definitely been in place for quite some time. As is correct for this type of tunic, it is unlined except for specific areas, such as the sides. Under the button flap on the right side, there is the size information stamped, possibly with a date, however the markings are too faded to read.

Two belt hook adjustment straps are positioned on the sides of the tunic's interior, and are securely held in place. The top button hole on the tunic has a Black / White / Red ribbon sewn in place, indicating the wearer had received the Iron Cross 2nd Class. On dress uniforms, this would be sewn on the 2nd button hole, below the collar button. As these field tunics have no collar button, it is instead on the top button hole. The upper left pocket of the uniform also has loops made of thread, which would originally have held awards they had earned.

Overall condition is very good, though there is some wear and staining consistent with service. This gives it a fantastic "really been there" look that is impossible to duplicate.

Overall a fantastic totally genuine Afrika Korps M43 tunic with some light period wear, unlikely you'll find one better anytime soon! This would be a perfect way to display a portion of your award and insignia collection by "dressing up" this example. Ready to display!

Approx. Measurements:
Collar to shoulder: 9"
Shoulder to sleeve: 26”
Shoulder to shoulder: 16”
Chest width: 18.5”
Waist width: 18"
Hip width: 21.5”
Front length: 29"

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