Original German WWII Admiral Karl Donitz Framed Signed “Last German Armed Forces Message of World War II” Copy and Photo of With Replica Knights Cross With Oakleaves - 31” x 25”

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Original Item: One of a Kind. This is a fantastic framed example of two items signed by Admiral Donitz. Karl Dönitz was a German admiral who briefly succeeded Adolf H as head of state in May 1945, holding the position until the dissolution of the Flensburg Government following Germany's unconditional surrender to the Allies days later. As Supreme Commander of the Navy beginning in 1943, he played a major role in the naval history of World War II.

This professionally framed display measures 31" x 25" and features 2 signatures of Admiral Karl Donitz: 1 signature is on a copy of a wartime photo of him, and the other signature is on a copy of "Der Letzte Wehrmachtbericht des Zweiten Weltkrieges" (The Last German Armed Forces Message of World War II) which was given on May 9, 1945. That message is part of the display in both German and English. A reproduction of a Knight's Cross with Oakleaves, the highest award Donitz received, is also displayed. After the suicide of Adolf H (April 30, 1945) Donitz was named Adolf's successor as head of state, which was in his last will and testament. Donitz's message ordered German forces to cease fire, thereby ending WWII. A Certificate of Authenticity and an invoice from the Signature House dated 10/17/2007 is included with the display.

Comes more than ready for display.

The last German Armed Forces message of World War II

From the Headquarters of the Grand Admiral. May 9, 1945

The Supreme Command of the Armed Forces sends the following:

In East Prussia, German divisions were only yesterday courageously defending the mouth of the Vistula River and western part of Prussia, where the 7th Division was particularly outstanding. The Commander-in-Chief, General of Panzer Troops von Sauken was awarded the Diamonds with Swords to the Knights Cross of the Iron Cross in acknowledgement of the exemplary attitude of its soldiers.

As a superior stronghold our armies in Kurland under the proven Supreme Command of Colonel General Hilpert held up for months advanced Soviet troops and armored units and in several large battles distinguished themselves in imperishable fame. They repulsed each early advance. They were in complete command with airplanes still transporting the injured and later numerous children to the west. The staffs and officers remain with their troops. At midnight the conditions agreed to by Germany came into effect and the fighting and troop movement came to an end.

Defenders of Brelau, which withstood the attacks of the Soviets for over two months, heroically succumbed in the last hour to enemy superiority.

Also in the Southeast and East Front from Bruenn to the Elbe by Dresden all command authorities received instructions for ending the fight. A Czech rebellion movement, completely contained in Bohemia and Moravia, can endanger the execution of the surrender conditions in this area. Messages over the situation with the Army Groups Loehr, Rendulic and Scheorner to this hour are still not yet complete.

The defenders of the Atlantic bases courageously retained our troops in north Norway
and the crews in the Aegean islands maintained obedience and discipline which are the
German weapons of honor.

From midnight on all fronts a cease fire has been in force. By command of Admiral Doenitz, the Armed Forces have given up the hopeless struggle. A heroic fight that has lasted for nearly six years thus comes to an end. It has brought us resounding victories, but also heavy defeats. Ultimately the German Armed Forces have succumbed to overwhelming superior strength. True to his oath the German soldier has served his country in a manner that will never be forgotten. The people have endured heavy sacrifices and have supported the Armed forces to the utmost of their ability and to the very end. On the unique achievements of our fighting men at the front and our people at home history will later pass its just verdict. The enemy, too, cannot but pay tribute to the feats of our armed forces on land, at sea and in the air. Every German soldier, sailor and airman can therefore lay aside his arms with Justifiable pride and turn to the task of ensuring the everlasting life of our nation.

At this moment the thoughts of the Armed Forces will turn to their comrades who lost their lives fighting our enemies. To show obedience, discipline and absolute loyalty to our Fatherland, bleeding from innumerable wounds, is the sacred duty our dead impose upon us all.

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