Original German WWII 98k Rifle Schießbecher Anti-Personnel Grenade Round with Case - Inert

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. Totally inert per guidelines provided by the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) this is a rare German WW2 30mm Anti-Personnel rifle grenade known as a Gewehr Spreng Granat 30 round offered in very good condition. The steel boy is painted yellow and features a spring-loaded bakelite fuse and screw off bakelite base. It is contained in an original heavy cardboard transit case which is stenciled in white paint on the side G.Sprgr. and stamped on the top


Cos is the maker code for Gebruder Merz, Merz-Werke, Frankfurt, Main. The case is in very good condition, with the expected wear from age and long storage. The inside of the bakelite base is also marked with maker code aux / 44, for Polte-Werke, Werk Magdeburg, a maker of ammunition.

The grenade would be used with a propellant cartridge and Schießbecher (shooting cup) grenade launcher to direct the projectile. Unlike many grenade launchers, the German launcher had a short rifled barrel with a caliber of 30 mm, which engaged the rifling ridges on the bottom of the bakelite grenade housing. The spin was thought to result in a more regular trajectory.

Overall a fantastic complete set of a Gewehr Spreng Granat 30 round with original packaging.

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