Original German WWII 98k 7.92×57mm Mauser Airtight Cartridge Box with Sealing Lid- Dated 1939

Item Description

Original Item: Only One available. This is an amazing find. Genuine 1939 dated wood ammunition crate with lead insert and original airtight lead lid (now opened) offered in nearly perfect condition. Notable features include:

• Luftdichter Patronenkasten translates directly to Airtight Cartridge Box
• Box is labeled multiple times with the following information on paper labels, which indicate the specifications, manufacture date, and loading date of the ammunition. The level of detail is quite extraordinary.

1500 Patronen s. S.

P. 25 13 L. 40

Nz. Gew. Bl. P. (2-2-0, 45):

Rdf 1939/90

Patrh.: S(Stahl) P. 25 72. L. 40

Gesch: P. 25 7. L. 40 - Zdj. 88: DWM. 412. L. 39

Meaning of label by line:

• Held 1500 Rounds of Patronen schweres Spitzgeschoss (Heavy-point bullet cartridges)
• Second line indicates Lot 25 13 loaded in 1940
• Third line indicates type of propellant used Nitrozellulose Gewehr Balttchenpulver = Nitrocellulose rifle flaked powder
• Rdf 1939/90 indicates arsenal Rdf (supposedly Rheindorf factory of Dynamit Nobel) lot 90 received in 1939
• Patrh. stands for Patronenhülse (catridge case), and indicates that these are steel cases (Stahl) lot 25 72
• Gesch is short for Geschoss (Bullet), lot 25 7 of 1940.
• Zdh is abbreviation for Zündhütchen (percussion cap) indicating type 88 manufactured by DWM, lot 412 of 1939
• Blue stripe across center of label indicates steel cartridge casings (Stahl)
• red stamp Lackierte Hülsen translates to Lacquered/coated Hull/Casings

It was completely normal for the dates to not all match, as the components were made by different companies, and assembled elsewhere.

This is just perfect for any German WWII collection and for storing ammunition.

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