Original German WWII 98k 1941 dated US Captured / Altered Bayonet by Mundlos with Scabbard and Frog - Matching Serial 3340

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. In 1935 the German military introduced the K98k bolt action rifle or Karabiner 98 Kurz, as a replacement for the older GEW98 or Gewehr 98. A new, shorter bayonet was designed to go along with the shortened rifle. The K98 bayonet was officially named Seitengewehr 84/98 or SG 84/98. The bayonet was designed as a close combat sidearm that could be placed on the tip of a K98.

The total length of the K98 bayonet was 15.2 inches, far shorter than the 20 inch long GEW98 bayonet. The blade was also straighter in shape and the hand guard was omitted. The K98 bayonet was usually carried in a leather frog, or Seitengewehrtragetasche, on the left side on the equipment belt in combination with the shovel and its carrier. The maker marks on k98 bayonets where stamped onto the top of the blade. On the reverse the batch number and suffix were stamped.

Model bayonet: Seitengewehr 84/98 III
Markings: 3340 and ab / 41
Material: Blued steel
Grip material: Clear Plexiglass with “FUBAR” written in black on the tang. A definite sign that this was altered by a US G.I.

Condition is excellent with original bluing on blade, custom grips intact and a working locking button. The blade has the factory "sharpening", which did not really make the blade sharp: that was up to the soldier. Finish on the blade is excellent, with just the usual runner wear from the scabbard. The bakelite grip scales are in good shape, with no chips, and a lovely red color. The bluing on the handle is quite nice, with a bit of wear and oxidation. The scabbard is in good shape, with some scratches and small dents.

The scabbard and blade bear matching serial numbers 3340, and the pommel is Waffenamt marked. The blade ricasso is also marked with German three letter code ab over 41, which is also present on the scabbard. This indicates 1941 manufacture by Mundlos AG in Magdeburg-Nord. This company was a maker of sewing-machines in peacetime, but in 1941 was pressed into service to make 98K bayonets and mortar bodies.

An original German WWII Matching 98k Bayonet and scabbard offered in near mint condition! Ready to display or fit to your 98K rifle!

Blade Length: 9 7/8"
Blade Style: Single Edge w/ Fuller
Overall length: 15“
Crossguard: 1 1/2”
Scabbard Length: 10 1/2"

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