Original German WWII 50 Year Civil Service Faithful Service Medal in Case

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Original Item: Only One Available. This is rare German WWII Civil Service Faithful Service medal for 50 years of service. It comes complete with its original ribbon pin inside the original presentation case. This is a "Special Class" medal, and they were not awarded in very large numbers at all.

The medal is in very good condition, with almost no wear or damage to the medal itself, and just light oxidation to the silvered portions of the award. The original case is also in great shape, with the correct 50 inside a laurel wreath on the top. The hing and lock are fully functional, and the inside has minimal deterioration to the satin top and velvet bottom. There is just some fraying on the white fabric covering the hinge interior, and some staining and damage to the exterior.

A wonderful rare medal set, ready to display!

The Civil Service Faithful Service Medal (Treudienst-Ehrenzeichen für Beamte Angestellte und Arbeiter im öffentlichen Dienst) was a NSDAP Germany medal of honor that was founded on 30 January 1938, in two grades, to reward civilians and military in the employ of the German public services for long and faithful service.

All officials, employees, and laborers at any level of the public service (local, regional or national) who complete 25 or 40 years service were eligible. The second class award was for 25 years of service was a silver cross, with a silver wreath and a black enameled swas in the center of the cross. The first class award was for 40 years of service was a gold cross, with a gold wreath and a black enameled swas in the center of the cross. As the War progressed, some individuals reached 50 years of service, so a new "Special Class" award was designed with a silver cross and gold wreath.

The reverse of all classes was stamped with Für treue Dienste (For faithful Services). in German black letter typeface. The ribbon for the medal is cornflower blue.

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