Original German WWII 50 x 80 cm Naval Jack Flag by Wlissingen Helmond of Holland - Gösch flagge

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a totally original authentic German WWII Kriegsmarine Naval Göschflagge (Jack Flag), with a large Swas (Hook Cross or Swas) in the center of a white circle on a red field. It is essentially a smaller version of the standard NSDAP party flag. This example made of wool or linen, the standard materials for flags of the period.

This jack flag is totally original and is in very good condition with some areas of staining but nothing major. There is no mothing we can see, and colors are bright. It also features rows of stitches around the border to strengthen it. It is nicely stamped  on the header with the faded manufacturer information legible:


Helmond was city captured early in WWII by Germany, and at that time was part of Holland, which later became part of the Netherlands. The flag is also marked G.FL. 50 x 80, indicating that it is a 50cm x 80cm Göschflagge. While there is no kriegsmarine marking, these were only used on seagoing vessels, so most likely it was captured at the end of the war, before it was issued. This also explains the exceptional condition.

The header of the flag has two rope loops on the end, for tying the flag to the "Jack Staff". This is a small vertical spar (pole) on the bow of a ship or smaller vessel on which this particular type of flag, known as a jack, is flown. The jack staff was introduced in the 18th century. The jack is typically flown from military vessels, including submarines, while at anchor or moored pierside, but not while underway.

A hard to find German WWII Naval flag, fully marked and ready to display!

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