Original German WWII 1942 Zündapp KS 750 Motorcycle and Sidecar- Matched Serial Numbers

Item Description

Original Item: One-of-a-kind. Purchased from the original owner that conducted a well-documented meticulous frame off restoration with full engine rebuild in the mid-1990s. This is an exception fully functional running extremely rare matching serial number 1942 Zundapp KS750!

The Chassis Number 606185 can be found on the frame, side car and engine, meaning the major components of this bike have not been separated since it left the factory in 1942!

Notes from the original owner-

The frame numbers on the bike are on the left side of the frame close to the left saddle spring lower end. The sidecar number is difficult because a German GI apparently enjoyed placing his big nail covered soled boot on the tubing and not at the footrest. The number though can be seen on top of the tube connecting to the differential just next to the grease nipple. It is partly worn away, but when I sandblasted the frame I could read the whole number faint but complete. Reportedly it is very rare to find these two frames with identical numbers.

I have owned this famous Zündapp motorcycle since 1993, when I found it in London. It was imported to England by a collector who found it in Poland, where it was left by fleeing German troops from Luftwaffe, when it ran out of fuel. It was originally painted for desert operations, but never came to Sahara. I restored it and rebuilt engine, transmission and rear end. I had the knowledge to do this because I owned a similar motorcycle when living in Denmark. That motorcycle is today owned by Aalholm vehicle museum. I used some after market parts from the German company Hans-Peter Hommes, Kamphausen Germany, a company that has an excellent reputation for quality and originality.

The sidecar is the earliest version that features a torsion bar (not leaf spring). Some parts are reproduction such as the seats, tires, paint, and other bits that must be changed over time. It has a new electrical system, but the major components are totally original. The crank is from a BMW but operates flawlessly. The MG mount is newly made but the totally legal BATF approved non-firing original MG34 machine gun is WWII genuine!

Please see the video below of the IMA boys driving it see how well it runs.

A complete history of this bike since its original purchase in 1993 from a UK company, along with photos and letters documenting its restoration (personal information will be redacted) will accompany the purchase along with some spare and replacement parts

The bike has clear title, is a registered antique, fully insured and easily transferable.

Offered ex New Jersey, USA warehouse, freight is additional, please contact us for quote.

History of the Zundapp KS750-

Years produced: 1940-1944

Total production: 18,695

Claimed power: 26hp @ 4,000rpm

Top speed: 60mph (approx.)

Engine type: 751cc overhead valve, air-cooled opposed twin (w/cylinders lifted 5 degrees for additional ground clearance)

Weight: 420kg (926lb)

MPG: 36

Gradient on mountains 45 %

Gears: 4 road- 1 off road- 1 reverse

At the end of 1937, the Reich contacted Zundapp and BMW, two of the larger German motorcycle manufacturers. The German army demanded a bike that met the following criteria:

• Ability to carry a payload of 500kg (1,102.3lb), the equivalent of three fully equipped soldiers, including arms and ammo.
• It had to cruise at 80kmh (not quite 50mph) and be able to reach 95kmh (not quite 60mph) but also be able to crawl along at 3mph so as not to run over marching troops.
• The tires had to be 5.00in x 16in.
• Minimum ground clearance had to be 150mm (6in) and there had to be enough room under the fenders for snow chains.
• Cost was no object.

The German army believed the Zundapp design was superior to the BMW R75, and asked BMW to build it under license. At first, BMW refused, but when the dust settled BMW was producing its R75, using the Zundapp designed rear-wheel drive, hydraulic brake system and wheels. Many parts were standardized between the two manufacturers to make spare parts delivery easier.

As testing of the Zundapp continued, the cylinders were enlarged to 751cc. Final approval by the Wehrmacht was confirmed in April 1940, by which time the war was well under way, and over the next several years, 18,000 Zundapp three wheelers were built. The KS750, and its BMW R75 counterpart, saw action all over Europe, and many were sent to the Eastern Front and North Africa. They served the same function for the German army that the Jeep did for the Americans.

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