Original German WWII 1942 Luftwaffe Double Barrel Flare Pistol by Bettner

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is an excellent condition example of the Luftwaffe Flieger-Leuchtpistole L or Aviators Flare Gun L. These double-barreled, 26.5mm (4 Bore) signal pistols were issued to Luftwaffe aircrews in order to give them a method of communication that did not rely on their radio transmitters.

This pistol is dated 1942 and marked with the maker code GBW for Bettner. The ordnance code is located to the rear of the safety lever on the left side of the frame. The tops of the barrels are both marked with a 4 in a circle (4-Bore) over the Luftwaffe Stick Eagle acceptance mark. This same proof appears on the rear of the receiver between the L and R barrel selector marks, and is covered when the selector switch is in the middle or "both barrels" position.

The signal pistol is marked with the serial number 11688 on the forward lower portion of the right hand side of the frame, and the Luftwaffe contract number Ln24483 is present on the opposite side of the frame. The gun has a frame mounted safety with Fire and Safe markings.

The pistol uses a break open design that is activated by pushing the release lever, located under the trigger guard, forward. This action releases the locking lugs, opens the action, cocks the pistol and automatically sets it on safe. After closing the action, the shooter can use the selector switch on the rear of the frame to determine whether they want to fire the Left barrel, Right barrel or both barrels simultaneously, by pulling the split trigger.

The Flare Gun L offered here is in excellent cosmetic condition. The pistol retains about 90%+ of its original blued finish, with most of the wear and finish loss confined to the sharp and high edges and the muzzle crowns, along with a few minor handling nicks and scratches. The pistol cocks and dry fires correctly on both sides, though it does have a few issues. The right firing pin is missing, the extractor does not eject, and the breech tab on the barrel is sheared off, so the breech does not lock closed.

The two-piece mottled reddish-brown Bakelite grips are in excellent condition as well. They retain sharp checkering, with only the most minor handling and finish wear. They are free of any of the breaks, chips or cracks which often mar Bakelite grips, especially when they are nearly 70 years old!

Overall this is simply a wonderful example of amid-war production NSDAP flare pistol that will look fantastic in your display of WWII militaria. It would be very difficult to upgrade this pistol and find one in nicer condition.

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