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Original German WWII 1942 Dated Fallschirmjäger RZ 20 Jump Parachute with Transit Chest by Schroeder & Co

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Original Item: Only One Available. This is an Original German Paratrooper (Fallschirmjäger) RZ 20 parachute, packed inside the original canvas carry bag, complete with handles and lift-the-dot closures. Alll of this is contained inside the original steel transit chest. The parachute is white silk and still retains the original suspension lines. The canopy is nicely marked:

Sprungfallschirm für Fallschirmtruppen
Schroeder & Co, Gerätnr: 10-2101 A-1
Anforderzeichen: FL 30272
Werk Nr.: 1635485
Schroeder & Co., Zwelgewerk Zwickau
2. OKT. 1942


Well, there you have it, an Original German Paratrooper's RZ 40 1942 Dated Parachute nicely marked in the original carry bag and original transit chest. This is a collector's dream, aside from a harness the entire package is complete and as described, but we don't think you should jump out of a plane!
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