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Original German WWII 1941 Dated Black Preßstoff & Leather Flare Signal Pistol Holster by Curt Vogel K.G. with Cleaning Rod and Shoulder Strap

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Original Item: Only One Available. This is a lovely service used example of the standard German WWII issue heavy black soft shell flare signal pistol holster, as used throughout the war. Unlike most however, this is actually made mostly of "Preßstoff", an imitation leather made from pressed paper. The "hinge" for the lid is a strip of leather that is riveted onto the flap and body, as are the straps and buckle loops. Everything else is made from the pressed paper.

The holster definitely looks to have seen a good amount of use in service, and shows overall wear and wrinkling in the material. The finish is a bit worn, and the seams are a bit loose, as the white stitching has stretched over the decades. Everything is still intact and functional, and it is marked on the interior left bottom of the top flap with a faint fuq 1941, for manufacture by Cottbusser Lederwarenwerk Curt Vogel K.G. of Cotbuss, Germany. Below this is Waffenamt (Eagle) / WaA14, the correct inspector for this maker. The front closure is fully functional, as is the securing strap for the cleaning rod, though the latter does show some cracking.

The holster has an attached shoulder strap, which also looks to be made from black Preßstoff, or possibly rubberized canvas. Unfortunately, it has partly delaminated in areas, and there is also cracking and other damage. It has some stitch repairs, and in one area is split nearly through, so we cannot guarantee it will arrive without tearing through the rest of the way. We have never seen one made from Preßstoff before, as they almost always have completely fallen apart over the years.

The included cleaning rod has a steel handle, and aluminum end rammer. It has J41 stamped next to a Waffenamt (Eagle) / WaA716 on top of the handle, an inspection marking that we have seen before on these. It also has a spring clip attached to the handle with a small leather strap, something we rarely see, that enables the cleaning rod to be attached elsewhere if needed.

The holster is complete and fully functional, and in lovely service used condition, and with the shoulder strap and cleaning rod it really makes a lovely set. This would be perfect for any WWII German Flare pistol that doesn't have a nice home to live in. Ready to display!

Presstoff (also Preßstoff or Pressstoff) is the German-language term for a type of ersatz or artificial leather used during the first half of the 20th century. Made of specially layered and treated paper pulp, Presstoff was durable and easily adapted to be used in place of leather, which under wartime conditions was rationed. First invented in the 19th century, it gained its widest use in Germany during the Second World War.

Presstoff use included but was not limited to binoculars cases and straps, horse tack, bayonet frogs, equipment belts, cap visors etc. In short, Presstoff could be used in almost every application normally filled by leather, excepting items like footwear that were repeatedly subjected to flex wear and/or moisture. Under these conditions Presstoff tended to delaminate and lose cohesion.

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