Original German WWII 1940 dated NSKK EM/NCO Belt with Early Buckle and Cross Strap

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a very nice WWII German National Sozialistisches Kraftfahr Korps (NSKK) EM/NCO's brass Belt Buckle (Koppelschloß) with correct leather belt and cross strap. It is embossed with the standard NSDAP Political eagle with downward sloping wings, over a "Sunwheel" style Swas (Swas). This example is a nickel plated stamped brass single-piece buckle, with a brazed-on belt catch. The design is mostly identical to the SA buckle, as the NSKK originally was part of the SA. The nickel plating on this buckle is in very good condition, with a small amount of oxidation and light scratching. There is no maker mark, as early buckles such as these had that information on the leather tab, which unfortunately is missing.

The belt itself measures about 40” when fully extended, but the positioning of the claw tab makes the effective length closer to 37". There is a faint maker mark on the clip end, but only 1940 / AUGSBURG are legible. The leather does show some wear, and has areas of dry rot and cracking, however it is overall quite nice, with most of the original black finish present. The adjustment tab was moved several times, so the belt is definitely at least 6 inches shorter than it originally was.

Attached to the belt is a very nice cross strap, attached to two belt loops by silver painted pebbled steel spring clips. Both of these are marked A (((RZM)) U / DRGM / M5/289 on the back, for manufacture by Heinrich Ulbrichts Witwe in Wien (Vienna) Austria. The "A" also is the "Barred A" logo of F. W. Assmann u. Söhne. After the annexation of Austria in 1938, the Assmann company took over as the majority shareholder in Heinrich Ulbricht's Witwe GmbH, and expanded the company between 1938 and 1940.  They produced many items for the war, including ammunition. The DRGM indicates that it is a trademarked design.

As a final point of interest, one of the belt loops bears the RZM mark and Circled Double "Sig" symbol of the SS. This is definitely a great example of a hard to find German belt, with lots of history! Ready to display!

The development of the NSKK, National Sozialistisches Kraftfahr Korps, (National Socialist Motor Corps), can be traced back to 1923, when the SA introduced a Kraftfahr Abteilung, (Motor Section), to transport personnel as required. In 1928 the SA Motor section was expanded to Kraftfahrstaffeln, (Motor Squadrons). In an attempt to create a national motor corps the NSAK, National Sozialistisches Automobil Korps, (National Socialist Automobile Corps), was formed in April 1930 as an NSDAP auxiliary organization, which was subordinate to the SA.

In early 1931 Adolf Hühnlein was appointed as Chief of the NSAK and proposed a name change to NSKK, which was officially accepted in April 1931. Before the introduction of a standardized belt buckle the NSKK used the SA pattern rectangular buckle in a variety of styles usually nickel or chrome-plated over brass or steel.

The NSKK served as a training organization, mainly instructing members in the operation and maintenance of high-performance motorcycles and automobiles. The NSKK was further used to transport NSDAP and SA officials/members. The NSKK also served as a roadside assistance group in the mid-1930s, comparable to the modern-day American Automobile Association or the British Automobile Association. With the outbreak of World War II NSKK ranks were recruited to serve in the transport corps of various German military branches. There was also a French section of the NSKK which was organized after the German occupation of France began in 1940. The NSKK was the smallest of the NSDAP Party organizations.

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