Original German WWII 1940 dated Feldfernsprecher FF 33 Field Telephone by Telegrafen-Werkstätten Kbely

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. The feldfernsprecher 33 (FF33) was the standard field telephone of the German military forces of WWII. It is a general purpose field telephone designed for wired communications. It was introduced in 1933 as a modern replacement for the previous WWI legacy field telephones the last of the series being the feldfern-sprecher 26 (1926). The FF33 can also be connected to the Torn. Fu. D2 and Torn. Fu. Bl, and F series radio sets to act as a remote handset.

Ingeniously designed with what appears to be one traditional wartime style handset, the lid interior of one has built in electrical circuit schematics for informational purposes. Used by the German Army throughout WW2 and continued in service for another 25 years into the Cold War era.

See the book "Deutche Soldaten" by Agustin Saiz, pages 170/171, for more information on the Feldfernsprecher 33 phones.

This example is offered in very good condition with complete brown/red bakelite case, handset, crank handle, cord, data plate, and is 1940 Dated. The inner steel housing is maker marked and dated as follows:

0307  (TW) 1940

The "Overlapping TW in Circle" logo stands for maker Telegrafen-Werkstätten located in the Kbely district of Prague, then located in Czechoslovakia, a German-occupied Territory since 1938. The manufacturing an engineering level rivaled Germany's, and local companies were quickly pressed into service of NSDAP Germany. The bakelite handset is Waffenamt marked, so it is definitely WWII Issue, with a cloth covered cord. There is also a Waffenamt on the metal housing under the white test button.

We have not tested this for functionality but it appears to be complete and in working order. Offered in very good collectible, these have become increasingly difficult to find over the past decade. Ready to add to your collection and display!

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