Original German WWII 1939 Luftwaffe Aircraft Navigational Bubble Compass FL 23282 with PS6 Bearing Plate

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. Well, we don’t know much about these items, but we were able to locate the original specification design diagram for it, which shows it was developed in 1939 for aircraft use. What type of aircraft we do not know. There also appears to be a space on the bottom of the case where another part was kept, but one of the retainers is broken off, and the component is missing.

The compass and bearing plate both bear three letter code jlq for V. Hodek, Prag VII, Windfang 3, a maker of aircraft components and accessories. The compass is also marked with code FL23282 on the top. The PS6 Bearing plate (Peilscheibe) has part number FL23291-1, which is the Luftwaffe stock number. Both components appear to be in unissued condition, and the plate marked reparaturnen (repairs) is blank, so it was not repaired.

Complete with liquid bubble and contained in a specially made wood transport case FL23291. Perfect for further research!

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