Original German WWII 1937 Tellermine Double Carrier in Normandy Camouflage with Mines - Inert

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is genuine German WWII manufactured 1937 dated T.Mi.35 mine steel double carrier painted in original Normandy Camouflage paint. It is complete with original 8 felt internal pads which have dried out over time becoming hard. It is totally functional with working clasps (repainted) and hinges. Internally it is carrying one U.S. military WWII manufactured training teller mine and a modern reproduction. These double carriers were intended for use with Panzer divisions and on other vehicles, they would be secured to the side of the vehicle and have a carry handle for ease of use. Carriers such as this are exceptionally rare, and one with original Normandy Camo paint is unheard of.

It bears an original maker mark of ЯR / 1937, the font of the ЯR corresponds to the earliest style meaning that this carrier was manufactured by Richard Rinker GmbH, Menden, Kreis Iserlohn. Richard Rinker GmbH was founded in 1910, and was situated in Menden in Iserlohn. It specialized in the production of castings, especially of building hardware made of brass. In the mid-1930s the production was switched to light metals. They were still in production in 1991, manufacturing heaters under the name BAUFA-Werke Richard Rinker GMBH.

The Tellermine 35 (T.Mi.35) was a German metal cased anti-tank mine used extensively during the Second World War. The mine's case is made of sheet steel, and has a slightly convex pressure plate on the top surface with a central fuze well. Two secondary fuze wells are located on the side and bottom of the mine for anti-handling devices. For use on beaches and underwater the mine could be deployed inside a specially designed earthenware or concrete pot, which acted as a waterproof jacket for the mine. Pressure of 400 pounds (180 kg) on the center of the mine or 200 pounds (90 kg) on its edge deforms the pressure plate compressing a spring, and breaking a shear pin which holds back the spring-loaded striker. Once the striker is released it flips downwards into a percussion cap which fires the adjacent detonator followed by the booster charge and then the main explosive filling of TNT.

Original Specifications:
Height: 76 mm
Diameter: 318 mm
Weight: 9.1 kg
Explosive content: 5.5 kg of TNT
Trigger weight: 90 to 180 kg
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