Original German WWII 13th Panzer Division M35 Dress Tunic Waffenrock

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Original Item: Only One Available. The 13th Panzer Division was an element of the German Army, the Wehrmacht, during World War II, established in 1940. The division was organized under the code name Infantry Command IV (Infanterieführer IV) in October 1934. On October 15, 1935, following Germany's open rejection of terms of the Treaty of Versailles restricting Germany's military, the division was designated the 13th Infantry Division (13. Infanterie-Division). The division was motorized during the winter of 1936-1937, and was accordingly renamed the 13th Motorized Infantry Division (13. Infanterie-Division (motorisiert)) on October 12, 1937. The 13th Motorized Infantry Division participated in the campaigns against Poland (1939) and western Europe (1940). Following the Fall of France in June 1940, on October 11, 1940, the division was reorganized as the 13th Panzer Division (13. Panzer-Division). It participated in Operation Barbarossa (the invasion of the USSR) in 1941 and the advance on the Caucasus in 1942. The division suffered heavy losses in the retreats of 1943 and 1944. It was partially refitted in Hungary, where it was encircled and destroyed by Red Army in the winter of 1944-1945. The formation was reformed as Panzer Division Feldherrnhalle 2 in the spring of 1945 and surrendered in May 1945.

The M35 dress tunic was introduced for wear by all ranks on June 29TH 1935 as the walking out, parade and ceremonial dress with the piped, stone grey long pants. The design of the M35 dress tunic was based on the Imperial German army’s service tunic but was a different color and generally of much higher quality. Originally all personnel were issued two M35 dress tunics but manufacture was discontinued in late 1939 or early 1940 and was to be reinstated at the successful conclusion of the war. Regulations of March 21ST 1940 stated that the M35 dress tunics that were no longer suitable for dress wear were to be modified and reissued to personnel of the replacement and reserve units for every day wear. Officers and certain senior NCO ranks were responsible for purchasing their own uniforms and as a result were allotted a clothing allowance through the army’s Kleiderkasse, (Clothing Account), system. The Officers and certain senior NCO’s could choose to purchase their uniforms from the armed forces clothing depots or to privately purchase garments of higher quality. Although enlisted personnel were issued their uniforms from government supplies they were also permitted to purchase privately tailored uniforms although the price may have been restrictive.

This tunic is offered in excellent condition with enlisted shoulder boards that feature 13th Panzer Division insignia. This is a high quality field-grey wool/tricot blend construction M35 dress tunic features a vertical, eight button front closure with dual metal hooks and eyes positioned at the forward neckline and a lay down, blue/green badge cloth collar. Collar litzen, french cuff litzen, shoulder boards and breast eagle are original period stitching. Features pink piping (Panzer) throughout and a  Schützenschnur which is a Marksmanship lanyard awarded for proficiency for shooting a rifle or machine gun. Buttons are original.

Approximate Measurements:
Collar to shoulder: 9”
Shoulder to sleeve: 25”
Shoulder to shoulder: 16”
Chest width: 19”
Waist width: 18”
Hip width: 21”
Front length: 30"
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