Original German WWI & WWII Medal and Insignia Lot - 15 Items

Item Description

Original Items: Only One of 15 Available. This is a wonderful lot of items which were more than likely brought home by American soldiers at the end of both World Wars. They are in lovely condition and are perfect for the young collector who is looking to add a variety of medals and insignia to bolster their collections!

The Following Items Are Included:

World War 1 Items:
- “Hindenburg” Medal Bar: The medal bar consists of (2) Hindenburg crosses. The first Hindenburg cross appears to have been added to replace a missing Iron Cross. The ribbon that the medal hangs from is the ribbon for a Prussian EKII.

- Widows & Parents Black “Hindenburg” Cross: The Honor Cross was worn suspended from a ribbon with black edge stripes, two white stripes, two black stripes and a red stripe in the middle between them. The ribbon for the Honor Cross for Next-of-Kin had these colors in a different order, having a white edge stripes, with two black stripes, white stripes on either side of a red stripe in the middle. They were frequently worn with the ribbon fashioned into a bow, with a pin on the back, which the mother or widow in question attached to her clothing. The application for this award had a time limit, which expired at the end of 1942. Each award came with an Urkunde, or certificate, which indicated which form the award took. The certificates for the next-of-kin crosses came in two types: those for widows were titled Ehrenkreuz für Witwen (Honor Cross for Widows), those for parents Ehrenkreuz für Eltern (Honor Cross for Parents). The award was ranked above other service and occupation medals, but below other awarded combat medals.

- Miniature “Hindenburg” Cross Lapel Device: The is a medal meant to be worn on a button hole and still has the original button attached to the back. This example is without swords and was awarded to non-combatant veterans.

- Kyffhäuserbund Veterans Association Insignia: This small round disc appears to be the center of a Kyffhäuserbund cockade worn on a visor.

World War II Items:
- 2nd Class Iron Cross with (2) Ribbon Devices and (1) Lapel Device: On March 10TH 1813, Prussian King Friedrich Wilhelm III established the Iron Cross as a temporary award for bestowal during times of war. Originally the Iron Cross was introduced in three grades with a Grand Cross intended for award to Senior Commanders for successfully leading troops in combat and the First and Second classes for award to all ranks for bravery or merit in action. The Iron Cross’s were reinstituted by King Wilhelm I on July 19TH 1870 for award during the Franco-Prussian War and again on August 5TH 1914, by King Wilhelm II for award during WWI. On September 1ST 1939 AH once more reinstituted the Iron Cross series of awards in the First and Second Classes and established the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross. The second class medal was for award to personnel who performed a single act of bravery in combat.

This Iron Cross 2nd Class medal is in very good condition and comes complete with original hanging ring and original ribbon. Both of the pin back ribbons are slightly faded and the lapel button still has the original black button attached.

- German-Italian Africa Campaign Medal: A German-Italian Africa Campaign Medal in overall excellent condition. This German-Italian Africa Campaign Medal is made out of the more desirable tombak base metal. The medal shows light wear and patina throughout. The ribbon is attached through the medals rectangular ribbon loop, and period sewn closed at the joining ends. The ribbons shows light wear and minor fraying to the edges suggesting possible uniform wear. A nice early example of the German-Italian Africa Campaign Medal.

- German West Wall Medal: Comes with the original envelope with the original ribbon inside. They are in unissued condition.

- Reich Eagle Visor Insignia

- German Police Visor Cockade: In good condition with both tabs

- Scarce RZM Marked Painted HJ Insignia: The insignia retains much of the original paint with minor fading and wear. The reverse is marked M 1/146 for a rather rare maker, Anton Schenkels nachfolger-Wien.

- Black Wound Badge: The badge is a hollow back example and is unmarked. Much of the original paint has been retained and there is no damage to the pin and catch.

- Deutscher Volksgenossen Bund (DVG) Westmark Membership Badge: Badge worn by Germans living in the Alsace-Lorraine Region of France who supported the annexation of that region to the Third German Reich in 1938. It is made by Werner Redo and is correctly marked on the reverse with W. REDO / SAARLAUTERN.

All examples come more than ready to display!

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