Original German WWI & WWII Medal and Insignia Lot - 13 Items

Item Description

Original Items: Only One Lot of 13 Available. This is a wonderful lot of items which were more than likely brought home by American soldiers at the end of both World Wars. They are in lovely condition and are perfect for the young collector who is looking to add a variety of medals and insignia to bolster their collections!

The Following Items Are Included:

WWI Items
- WWI Prussian Brass and Nickel “Gott Mit Uns Buckle”: This is a very nice WWI Imperial German M1895 Prussian Belt Buckle (Koppelschloß). This buckle features two-piece brass and nickel construction, with a 45mm, slightly convex, stamped metal box buckle, with an attached Prussian insignia. This features the Prussian Crown, encompassed by a dual rope-like border within which, against a ribbed background, is the motto GOTT MIT UNS (God [is] With Us), and a spray of laurels. To the reverse is its raised buckle catch, and a metal prong bar with dual prongs, for the belt’s retaining tongue. The buckle is in good condition, with a nice patina of age, but not excessive oxidation. A very attractive display piece that still retains all of the detail on the insignia.

Pre-WWII Items
- X6 Reichsbanknote: The bills are (2) 500s dated 1923, (2) 1000s dated 1922 and (2) 2000 dated 1923s.

WWII Items
- KvK 2nd Class With Swords & Original Envelope: This is a lovely, nearly unissued example that retains almost all original color in both the medal and ribbon. The original issue envelope is worn and torn but still legible.

- SA-Wehrmannschaft Sports Badge in Bronze Grade: Known in German as the sportabzeichen, these were awarded to members of the SA for athletic achievement during the annual sports festivals. These were all part of a larger SA-Wehrmannschaft program, intended to train members of the SA.

- HJ Youth Proficiency Badge Marked RZM M 1/101: This HJ Youth proficiency badge would have been awarded for the successful completion of a series of tests measuring physical and ideological proficiency. Success in these tests was rated according to criteria in the HJ Youth identity document and performance book known as the Leistungsbuch. On this badge, the arrow shape (the tyr-rune) represents the warrior god Tyr.

- Chain With ID Disc, KvK 2nd Class With Swords and Wehrmacht 4th Class Long Service Award: Now we do not know if these were all worn by the same soldier as a necklace or just done for display. The KvK and 4th Class Long Service award have lost almost all original silver finish and the ID Disc appears to have been ground dug.

All items come ready for display!

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