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Original German WWI Wooden Aircraft Propeller Ashtray Trench Art Set - Luftstreitkräfte

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Original Items: One-Of-A-Kind. The Deutsche Luftstreitkräfte known before October 1916 as Fliegertruppen (Flying Troops)—was the air arm of the Imperial German Army. In English-language sources it is usually referred to as the Imperial German Air Service, although that is not a literal translation of either name. German naval aviators of the Marine-Fliegerabteilung were an integral part of the Imperial German Navy (Kaiserliche Marine). Both military branches operated airplanes, observation balloons and airships.

This wonderful piece of art features a base constructed of an unknown German Aircraft from WWI. The wood is marked as:


There is another line of information which would have assisted in identifying the aircraft types this was used on, but unfortunately when the base was cut, 90% of the last line was removed, only leaving the top of the stamping.

All other brass pieces including the bowl in the center all appear to be made of brass taken from various parts of the aircraft. The matchbox holder contains a wooden block which was carved to appear as a wooden matchbox, however it is a solid piece of wood inserted for display purposes. The “cup” which appears would have held the butt ends of discarded cigarettes, cigars or pipe tobacco. The front face of the cup features the typical “GOT MITT UNS” which is so often seen on belt buckles and various other trench art pieces from this period.

This is an incredible piece of artwork with impeccable craftsmanship. This is a welcomed addition into any Great War collection.

Comes ready for further research and display!

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