Original German WWI Seitengewehr 1914 Sawback Bayonet with Steel Scabbard by SAMSON WERK

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a really hard to find bayonet, and this particular example unfortunately has lain ignored in poor storage for many many years. The metal is all covered with old pitting marks, however the grips are still in remarkably good condition.

This model bayonet was introduced in 1914, having been diverted from a South American Contract that was subsequently never filled. They were intended to take the place of the well known Butcher Bayonet, however were not popular with the Front Line troops.  About 6% were made with Saw Backs intended for Sappers, Engineers and Machine Gunners. Not widely distributed before withdrawal so consequently these are very hard to locate. The blade is just over 12 inches in length and these were issued with all steel scabbards. Our example shows old rust pits and its scabbard has a lengthy dent on its backside, though it still fits the blade easily. 

The blade ricasso is maker marked, though it is hard to read:


This is a well-known maker that has been seen on other examples of this model bayonet. There are also traces of an imperial proof mark on the spine, but we are not able to tell what year it was inspected.

A RARE bayonet very hard to find, but will fill a hole in most German Bayonet Collections. Cleaned and ready to display.

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