Original German WWI Pilot In Memoriam Trophy- Named Trench Art

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. For whatever reason many "trophies" were created during and following WW1 mostly as Trench Art and I well remember, as an eight year old boy, the Library Mantle Clock in Boarding School being housed in the center of a WWI Fighter Airplane Propeller with the fins cut off.

For years such things crowded out most mid 20th century English antique and curio shops. Today, however, one encounters with such pieces are very few and far between.

This item is slightly different. It is the 21-inch tip of a German fighter propeller blade including the entire brass covering secured by multiple flush steel rivets. This brass trim has been covered with a painted tribute to a slain German airman, including a small portrait, pictures of his medals and painted on details of his unit, etc. In addition the central circular part of a WW1 belt buckle has also been attached to the trophy. Standing almost 21-inches by 12-inches at the base this makes a very handsome display.

On the rear, most conveniently, has been adhered a white typed label identifying airman as Scaffer together with his accompanying officer in a reference to "Fleiger-Abtelung (A) 221" and recommending the chapter on the "Pour le Merite" for details of SCAFER's service.

Vizerfeldwebel HEINRICH-ERNST SCHAFER who together with Lieutenant WILHELM PAUL SCHREIBER of Flieger-Abt.(A)221 were shot down and killed on May 30th 1918. Presumably Lieutenant SCHREIBER, being an officer, was the pilot and perhaps Vizerfeltwebel SCHAFER was his gunner.

We assume that this trophy was a Schafer family memorial prepared by his regimental colleagues, perhaps even utilizing part of the propeller from the very plane he was shot down and killed in. Lots of research potential here!

A poignant artifact from a war that took place almost 100 years ago.

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