Original German WWI Panoramic Artillery Telescopic Gun Sight by C.P. Goerz Berlin With Transit Case

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. Here we have a very nice German Artillery Gun Sight by C.P. Goerz of Berlin, a very well known maker of these sights. They were used on a variety of artillery pieces, allowing more precise spotting while firing. This gun sight is in very good condition, and as far as we can tell is fully functional. The optics are clear and fully functional, and the crosshair reticle is still fully visible. The red paint is still very good, and the overall finish is very nice.

The top of the objective lens housing has the manufacturer and specification information:

Rundblick -
Fernrohr Nr. 48500
D.R.P. Nr. 156039

Rundblick Fernrohr translates directly to "Panoramic view telescope", which definitely describes the abilities of this type of sight. The two adjustment knobs allow both elevation and traverse adjustments, definitely valuable for "dialing in" artillery fire. There is also a slit collimator on the top right of the sight to help confirm alignment.

The transit case is marked on the top with:

L.1688 A
WST 1916

We are unsure what the markings represent, whether it be some sort of storage number or unit. The box measures 10 ½” x 4” x 5” and retains much of the original green paint. There is chipping in the paint throughout but the box has no significant damage. The only “defect” is the leather carry strap is completely gone.

In great shape, ready to display, or even use!

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