Original German WWI Officers Brass Field Glasses Named to Zeppelin Officer from Z VI

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Original Item: One of a Kind Pair. Now these are definitely an interesting design of field glasses, of top quality construction. They measure approximately 6 inches when fully collapsed, and extend to about 9 inches long, having in fact THREE brass barrels. The set closest the eyepieces just pulls out, however the middle draw is controlled with the central wheel. They also have sun shields on both sides, which brings the total length to just over 10 inches.

The glasses are in great shape, and are fully functional, with clear optics and smooth operation. They appear to have either wood or some form of resin Eye pieces and one of the brass barrels is engraved with the owner's name:

Rudolf Kleinschmidt

The rank of hauptmann roughly corresponds to Captain, so this officer was definitely someone of some importance. A Fabulous opportunity for research of an item over 100 years of age at a time when flight was truly in its infancy. The glasses provide great optics apart from looking so cool.

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