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Original German WWI Officer Field Glasses in Late War Black Leather Case

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Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. At the outbreak of WW1 all leather equipment, whether issued or privately purchased was issued in a brown finish. However, after 1916 orders from Berlin were issued that existing brown leather items were to be dyed black and all future production for military use had to be made in black. This explains why so many ammunition pouches are black on the front but retain the original brown finish on the rear.

That is the case with this small pair of German WW1 Field Glasses, contained in their original black leather carry case with German Maker's Marks stamped to the
to the underside of the case (partially flaked off):

G. JENS?? & Co. 

The over the shoulder body strap for the carry case is now absent.

The Field Glasses themselves, show no markings, however appear to be made of black painted aluminum with the optics barrels covered in what looks like checkered leather, which has become shiny from age and use. Very likely to have served throughout the First World War from the extensive wear to the black paint but the optics are clear and still fully functional.

Authentic, used condition, ready to display or use.

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